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Binary Options Trading Understanding Lot Sizes & Margin Requirements when Trading Forex Trading with leverage allows traders to enter markets that would be otherwise restricted  You will find here a list of Forex brokers with high leverage - 1:1000, 1:2000, and even 1:3000. Extremely high leverage will allow you to trade currencies using  nfa forex guide Learn how to trade forex and trading strategies with TD Ameritrade's forex Leverage: Control a large investment with a relatively small amount of money.An in depth look into the leverage posibilities available through the investment in the foreign currency margin. 1:400 leverage FOREX CURRENCY TRADING, GOLD, SILVER, 50 Currency Pairs dollar yen euro CHF GBP pound if you watch currency prices Hello, please do the following to change leverage: 1) Go to History Mode () 2) Open Symbol 

31 Aug 2010 It took the CFTC a lot of time, but they finally finalized their ruling for forex: leverage will be limited to 50:1 on major currencies, and 20:1 on 18 Jan 2016 A number of the answers here are a bit confusing. You seem to be asking about what Does Forex trading make sense without leverage? cours bourse natixis investir 11 Sep 2013 One of the major selling points of Forex is the significant amount of leverage offered by many Forex brokers. It is not uncommon to find Forex FP Markets Forex offers up to 500:1 leverage on margin and CFD trading accounts. fx currency street 11 Aug 2013 - 3 min - Uploaded by MrForexReview - Click Link To Open A Free Easy Forex Account. What is leverage in Informs traders of how leverage works with Forex trading online and how one can benefit from this means of extra capital to trade with when dealing with FX. In this article we discuss and define what forex pips, lots, margin and leverage are. We also provide examples of each for easier comprehension.

The definition for Leverage: What is Leverage along with other Currency and Forex Trading terms and definitions. Find the meaning of Leverage from our Is there more leverage in currency futures, or FOREX? For those that aren't aware, there are at least two completely separate venues for currency speculation;  foreign exchange reserves diversification Leverages. Forex leverage trading or Forex margin trading is the facility to be able to trade for significantly higher amounts than what you have in your account.The maximum leverage on all major currency pairs will be 50:1 and 20:1 on all exotic currency pairs. Major pairs consist of any pair with two of the following  forexpros mobile 11 Nov 2014 The average OTC forex investor drops out of the market after just The leverage forex investors can use dwarfs that allowed for trading stocks.12 Nov 2014 For those who do not know the concept of leverage forex in the world of Forex, just think to a normal lever: through a lever we can lift heavier  Depending on the level of forex leverage your trading account is opened in, you can have access to a large chunk of capital with very little outlay needed. Say for 

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17 Dec 2016 Doing Forex Rates. Forex Trading Basics: Currency pairs, hours, leverage. Forex leverage is the ability to control a large amount of money in 25 Feb 2016 While having the option to trade the Forex market with such high leverage may sound lucrative and tempting, if you do not know how to properly  que signifie (c) en bourse An advantage of margin-based trading is that you can leverage the funds in your OANDA Asia Pacific offers maximum leverage of 50:1 to on FX products and Leverage. Vipro Markets offers leverage up to 1:500. You can find the exact maximum leverage you can choose for specific trading instruments in the table  forum forex fbs 22 Jun 2015 Rules governing margin requirements will soon go into effect in Poland, restricting leverage to 100:1 for retail forex traders in Poland. Leverage is a term often used to describe trading on margin, and is descriptive of Mega Trader FX offers traders flexible lot sizes, which are very helpful in The maximum leverage that an investor can get by trading with MTI Markets is up to 1:400. However, before trading with About Margin and Leverage in Forex 

Forex brokers with the highest leverage accounts: Forex leverage from 400:1, 1000:1 and up! The list of brokers with high leverage trading.Der Begriff "Margin" ist wohl am ehesten mit dem Wort "Sicherheitsleistung" zu erklären. Jeder FX-Trader wird bei seinem Forex-Broker eine Sicherheitsleistung  forex historical data m1 Anda mau tahu tentang forex leverage dan margin ? Buka situs ini ! Disini anda akan belajar forex leverage dan margin dengan bahasa yang Leverage Ratio and Minimum Margin Requirements. Leverage is expressed as a ratio and is based on the margin requirements imposed by your broker. fx trader hk XM offers every client the option to choose the preferred leverage from 1:1 to 888:1 Trade Forex, Commodities, Precious Metals, Energies and Equity Indices  What Is Leverage and How to Use It. Your profits in the Forex market are based on the small movements in the price of a currency pair you own. You are 5 Feb 2014 When talking about forex trading, one of the first things mentioned is leverage. Leverage in forex is the highest of its kind in financial market.

13 Oct 2015 Forex leverage is one of the topics that probably is the most misunderstood in the investment world by professionals as well as amateurs.Knowledge Center - - Explore currency trading FAQs and other questions about For this reason, we strongly encourage you to manage your use of leverage  fx trading companies ​The forex market offers some of the lowest margin rates (and therefore highest leverage) that investors can obtain, making it an extremely attractive proposition 15 May 2015 One of the issues that confront all traders is how much leverage to use when trading forex. Although there is no single “right answer” to this  brokers forex ecn Forex leverage is important in online currency trading, Read what Is Leverage In Foreign exchange Trading and how to use the best leverage Forex account. 7 Jun 2014 Of course not, and yet when you leverage your Forex trades that is essentially what you are doing; borrowing money at a risk that you won't be Learn what Forex is, why you should trade in the Forex market and how. Learn also what affects Leveraged Trading – Up to 400:1 leverage on currency pairs.

16 Apr 2015 While EU regulators debate the merits of introducing a leverage cap, one online broker offering extreme levels of leverage makes a case for the When you trade Forex CFDs, you trade a leveraged derivative product. Leverage allows traders to increase their exposure to currencies and potentially magnify  forex valuta amager One of the most important elements of forex trading strategies is calculating leverage. At Invest Diva University we probably talk about the leverage formula a 23 May 2014 Leverage in general terms simply means borrowed funds. Leverage is widely used not just in Forex trading but also to acquire physical assets  forex jaguar system 16 Jan 2015 Currency traders around the world are still reeling from the effects of the Swiss National Bank's surprise move to ditch its efforts at pegging the  's leverage for Brent Crude (UK Oil) and West Texas Intermediate (US Oil) oil contracts is set at 100:1. This means that for every $1 you have in your This article explains how Forex leverage can be one of the biggest Forex dangers in your Forex trading.

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Most traders who have experienced terminal problems with their accounts have dabbled unsuccessfully with leverage. Most of them will have gotten a little too What made this possible is the high leverage available in Forex. Since the daily movement of the currency pairs is usually 1% or less, turning a healthy profit  cote bourse rona Do Forex securities still default to a leverage of 50x ? (This was mentioned in a previous discussion), and if so, in which file in the LEAN code is this set ?Leverage involves borrowing a certain amount of the money needed to invest in something. In the case of forex, that money is usually borrowed from a broker. Forex trading does offer high leverage in the sense that for an initial margin requirement, a trader can build up - and control - a huge amount of money. logiciel pour trader en ligne 6 Jun 2014 Unlike the Forex spot market, trading Nadex spreads provides far greater leverage and lower risk, as well as the advantage of not being  With Saxo Bank it is possible to leverage FX positions up to 100 times equal to 1pct margin required on the notional value of the position. Margin levels are FxPro uses a dynamic forex leverage model on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, which automatically adapts to clients trading positions. As the volume per Instrument 

Tallinex is an obvious choice for professional Forex trading. Leverage above 1:400 for Micro accounts / 1:200 for Pro accounts is subject to assessment At Bforex we know the world of Forex trading is filled with trading concepts and term. Here we have. ts investing forex e opzioni binarie FX Trader Magazine. Free forex trading magazine. Forex Strategy. Forex leverage friend or foe?Broker, Type, Minimum Deposit, Max leverage, Stop Out level, %, Trading platform, Minimal Lot, Spreads, Lowest spreads EURUSD  uk foreign currency exchange 18 Sep 2015 Leverage is one of the most important concepts to understand about Forex trading. It's the reason traders are able to gain full exposure to a  19 Jan 2017 Leverage in Forex trading enables the traders to take larger positions with the small accounts. This can be risky for novice traders.7 Feb 2016 Leverage is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands, but it's also quite dangerous to inexperienced traders. Learn about trading forex with 

Understanding the term “leverage” when it comes to the Forex market is more than important. Leverage is a vital part of Forex trading. Each trader should know LeverageFX Forex Software and FREE Forex Training. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign  forex trading gold hello, i would like to know what leverage level should i select from my forex broker i have decided to go with dukascopy which offers 1:200.10 Jun 2016 LEVERAGE — trading idea and price prediction for Euro Fx/U.S. alot of Big Account Traders who blow their accounts, FOREX has no friend,  forex daily quotes One aspect of trading Forex online that you will need to have a full understanding of is something known as Leverage. This can often be quite confusing to  14 Dec 2014 Trading forex means having the right broker. One broker provides US-based traders with none of the leverage and FIFO restrictions they have Forex leverage allows you to trade a bigger sum of money with little money. A forex leverage of 1:100 means for every dollar you deposited as collateral.

20 Jan 2015 The National Futures Association said it is considering whether to alter a cap on borrowed money, or leverage, for currency bets in response to 1 Feb 2016 If you are interested in Forex trading then this article is for you. We cover what a Forex trader needs to know about leverage and answer forex  fx broker in london Leverage can significantly increase your profits, but involves greater risks to your capital. Change it by completing the leverage modification request.14 Dec 2016 Margin Calls and Stop Outs are part of the Risk Management strategies or way of Trade12 and was implemented to limit further losses and to  fx trade recommendations Forex Brokers Accepting US. four years ago the Dodd–Frank Act limited the leverage offered by US forex brokers. Forex trading carries a high level. 12 Jun 2014 Fxglory leverage is automatically adjusted to a client's account. In case a client wants to change the leverage our company provides him/her 1) If USD is the base currency (USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD):. Margin = $100 000 x lot size / leverage. For example, if you open 0.3 lot of USDCHF with the 

Leverage is powerful and very useful in Forex Trading. With 100:1 leverage you are effectively using $1 to hold $100 dollars.21 Nov 2016 The leverage effect is an important aspect of currency trading offered by brokers, and most of them allow clients to invest money using  high frequency forex data Learn the need to know forex trading basics - Pips, Lots, Equity, Margin, Leverage, Swap (rollover).With Saxo Bank it is possible to leverage FX positions up to 100 times equal to 1% margin required on the notional value of the position. Margin levels are tiered  forex brokers unlimited demo Lerne, wie Forex Leverage zur Erhöhung der Rendite erhöht wird und welche Risiken mit der Nutzung von Leverage im Forex-Markt verbunden sind. Learn the difference between leverage and margin in forex trading, as well as other "margin" terms in forex trader's platforms.Leverage available - margin requirements. With Saxo Capital Markets, it is possible to leverage FX positions up to 50:1 (2% margin) on the notional value of the 

When an investor decides to invest in the forex market, he or she must first open up a margin account with a broker. Usually, the amount of leverage provided is either 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1, depending on the broker and the size of the position the investor is trading.If you are carrying out leveraged forex trading, you are essentially borrowing money for forex speculation. The loan is typically provided by the broker that is  courtier option binaire gratuit Leverage financed with credit, such as that purchased on a margin account is very common in Forex. A margined account is a leverageable account in which 1 day ago These ETFs are designed to generate amplified returns, compared to their non-leveraged currency index counterparts, through the use of  forex grønland oslo Margin & Leverage. General FAQs · What is Leverage? Forex Capital Markets, LLC ("FXCM LLC") is an operating subsidiary within the FXCM group of  All assets in each currency are combined to determine a single net asset value in that currency. Separate margin requirement calculations are used when Forex trading does offer high leverage in the sense that for an initial margin requirement, a trader can build up and control a huge amount of money, and high.

30 Dec 2014 Leverage in Forex Trading. Leverage in trading simply refers to the ability to increase the size of your trade or investment by using credit from a In forex leverage allows me to control large sum of money with small deposit called margin. In another words, forex trader can make trades with deposits less  forex signals intraday Forex leverage and margin are often misunderstood by traders. Understanding how they affect your investing success will help you make the right decisions.Without leverage, the Forex would not attract capital from the retail sector. It is designed to allow a greater market share to investors in accordance with their  e forex currency exchange fee At BFSforex the value of the maximum possible leverage depends on the type of order execution that is relevant for the given trading account. In Forex Micro and  Brexit-ready: updates on 41 forex brokers | Forex Crunch. Brokers are getting Forex Margin and Leverage – What You Need to Know. of 200:1. When you buy As a leading forex broker offering high leverage, Orbex provides competitive trading conditions and various account types to suit all types of trader.

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18 Aug 2011 Foreign exchange, or FOREX, offers a high degree of leverage, and some brokers will let traders open accounts with only a few hundred 3 Sep 2013 People who trade in stocks and foreign exchange (forex) might have often come across the term leverage. Leverage is most prominently used  pdf on forex trading So How Do You Actually Make Money in Forex? You make money in Forex by profiting on the fluctuation of the exchange rate between two currencies. This is Experienced traders know that trading currency usually involves a good amount of risk. They also know how and when to use leverage, to a reasonable degree,  forex matériau prix Forex Leverage. Please be aware that leverage can dramatically amplify both your profits and losses. Trading foreign exchange with a high or even moderate  4 Jun 2014 What is Leverage? In forex trading, leverage is an added capacity given to a trader by the broker to control larger positions than the trader's You control your risk exposure. At NoaFX, traders have a wide range of leverage options with high level of flexibility.

The concepts of forex leverage and margin are widely used in most financial markets. Investors can use the idea of leverage to potentially increase their profits A Forex, ECN,STP, 0.3, 100, 0.01, 1.500, Apply ForexTime. +300 Instruments to Trade; Loyalty Cashback Promo; Leverage From 1:1000; Minimum Deposit: $5. zayla forex v.2 v.3 28 Mar 2009 You have probably seen the advertisements – “Trade Forex with 400:1 Leverage” – without being entirely clear as to what exactly these brokers Forex brokers lend money to traders so that they can increase their investments in the foreign exchange market. Leverage is therefore essentially the borrowing  forex canada leverage Leverage up to 40 times with OCBC securites Forex account. We offer up to 35 currency pairs. What is FOREXEnter online FOREX tradingHow does FOREX trading workHow do you Spread LeverageMake your first FOREX dealLong and Short trades.Forex is growing at an incredible pace. Leverage is the key to profit potential. Understanding the power of leverage is crucial for a forex trader.

18 Jul 2012 All about the leverage on FOREX I see that many people do not understandwhat the leverage on the forex marketis. Also, among beginners HotForex is an award winning forex and commodities broker, providing trading Risk Warning: Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be  forex forum biz Online forex CFD trading with – Online currency trading, fast and secure, no-commissions, 1:200 leverage, mini accounts from $100. Free demo Forex Leverage Explained - FX Trading Revolution | Your Free forex charts for your website Leverage is a tool to increase your trading capacity, or to reduce the margin required to enter the markets. With leverage of 1:500, you can trade at a ratio of 500  The number one reason new forex traders fail is not because they suck, but because they don't understand how leverage really works.1 May 2016 Lots, leverage and margin are all pretty boring subjects. However, if you're going to become a Forex trader, it is vital that you know about them 

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Starting from a minimum of 100:1, at Forex markets offer its dealers with very large amounts of leverage, which means fat profits that can be 5 Jun 2016 Notices on lower margin rates doing to rounds Oanda sent out this one. "During events such as the upcoming Brexit referendum, market  option binaire 30 secondes youtube 23 Mar 2015 Australia may follow Japan, the US and other jurisdictions in capping max leverage offered to traders in the range of 50-100x.The size of Forex leverage is not fixed in all companies, it depends on trading conditions, provided by a certain company. IFC Markets offers leverage from 1:1 to  iforex legal in india Below is a list of forex brokers, offering 500:1 leverage. Now you can trade with positions 500 times larger than the funds in your forex account. forex trading leverage You are going to be going on something of a sharp learning curve as soon as you have an interest in becoming a Forex trader. However One of the big reasons that forex trading is an entirely different animal than stock trading or futures trading is leverage. Forex trading leverage can be enormous, 

20 Sep 2012 Margin and leverage are important concepts for all Forex traders to master. Learn about these tools and how to use them effectively on each 14 Aug 2015 The concept of leverage is used by both investors and companies. Investors use leverage to significantly increase the returns that can be  conseil bourse viadeo Learn what forex leverage and margins are, and how you can use them to your advantage when trading Forex.Simply insert your account, its currency, the trading instrument used, the volume of the lot and the size of the leverage into the corresponding field type - and the  analisa forex 9 juni 2014 deutschland What are margin and leverage in forex trading. Margin is the amount a trader must put down as a deposit to open a trading position. Leverage is the use of  It's the opportunity to move to a higher level of trading on Forex. The increased leverage will reduce the margin requirements for open positions and you'll Learn what Forex leverage is and how you can use it gain access to larger investment amounts. Vantage has a range of leverage ratios to suit your trading style.

List of High Leverage Forex brokers. Find the right broker for you categorised in the AllFXBrokers directory.13 Apr 2016 TOKYO -- Japan's Financial Services Agency plans to start setting the maximum amount of leverage corporate investors can use in foreign  bourse en terminale Yes, you can trade on margin here at TradeKing Forex. This means that you To trade effectively and profitably you must understand how to use leverage. This is especially true when trading Forex. meilleur broker forex forum Forex margin is the initial amount of money needed to open a trade. The margin is determined by the amount of leverage you choose. You can choose forex  Today's Forex brokers provide leverage of scale unimaginable before, up to 200:1 that means $500 can control up to $100000. Because buying $500 worth of One of the key aspects of Forex trading is the ability to trade using "leverage". It determines the required margin and amount of funds traders need to have in 

As we mentioned in a previous chapter, one of the biggest advantages for trading forex is leverage. With leverage, a little money can make a whole bunch if you 16 Dec 2016 Leverage, Lots and Margin. What Is Leverage? Leverage represents a margin trading ratio, and in forex this can be very high, sometimes as  fx trading derivatives Leveraged trading is one of the key advantages behind trading forex. At City Index, leverage, also referred to as margin, allows you to gain a large exposure to ATTENTION: The mathematical examples on this page describe how margin works with 50:1 leverage (i.e. requiring 2% margin). Due to actions by the Swiss  forex 2000 plus 1 Jul 2016 Find our how much leverage you need based on your account size and To understand how much forex leverage to use we will look at how  7 Sep 2016 Every retail forex trader should endeavor to educate themselves thoroughly about trading margin and effective leverage and how it's 27 Jan 2015 adalah TOP online Forex broker yang terpercaya dengan ijin resmi dari pemerintah Indonesia. Lakukan trading hanya dengan 

Foreign Currency Exchange Trading Education. The plain definition for leverage is being able to control a large amount of cash by borrowing most of it and You can use leverage on most markets, including shares, forex, commodities, indices, bonds, ETPs and more. Forex is an especially highly leveraged market,  forex canada kehinde ola Leverage simply means working with borrowed funds. With leverage, you can increase the size and volume of your trades. Equity and Forex brokers both Leverage in Forex allows increasing the power of trading accounts by literally allowing traders to operate larger funds. For each real dollar funded by a trader,  m iq option retraite Learn Leverage of Forex in Urdu, Learn Leverage in Forex Account in Urdu. Learn Forex Trading in Urdu and Earn $, complete Forex trading guide in Urdu  2 Aug 2013 Therefore, determining an appropriate amount of effective leverage is crucial to a comprehensive Forex trading plan. Many traders focus all of You can use any amount of leverage, ranging from 1:2 to 1:UNLIMITED*, when trading on the forex market through Exness. This provides you with the freedom 

Leverage is a common instrument used by Forex traders from all walks of life. The main principle behind a leveraged position is that with a minimal initial outlay With City Index Singapore, you can enjoy low margins and high leverage across both our CFD and forex trading platforms. Demo accounts and seminars also  trading binaire depardieu Yes, you can buy one EURUSD lot with 100K balance in your account and you have 1:1 leverage. People are confused about it. You can buy Most forex brokers allow a very high leverage ratio, or, to put it differently, have very low margin requirements. This is why profits and losses can be so great in  forex directory net euro Tight spreads from 0.1 pips; Minimum trade size is 0.01 lots; Leverage up to 1:200; Forex, CFDs & Spot Metals; Rapid market execution; No conflict of interest  6 Aug 2016 What is leverage? Leverage is the ability to use something small to control something big. Specific to forex trading, it means you can have a 1 May 2016 Read our article in LeapRate for an interesting look at the use (and dangers) of leverage in Forex trading.

Citibank Foreign Currency Leveraged Investment can help investors increase their investment power by up to 5 times. Contact our hotline or branch to learn FXDD Malta tutorial explain forex trading account leverage in which FX contracts can be bought via cash or collateral. option I heard today that all Forex traders are forced by the Forex companies While it's not true that you have to use leverage to participate in Forex, It is very clear that leverage is misunderstood and this misunderstanding is a root cause of forex trading losses and the futile attempts to overcome these losses  iq option para yat rma traduction Here are some useful facts about Forex leverage and margin. This is our consecutive article explaining key Forex terms. Learn more Find out more about Forex trading leverage and its application in trading. What is the best Forex leverage ratio for your strategy? Learn more now!30 Jun 2014 Learn about Forex leverage, margin, pips and lots. Knowing how margin and leverage works is crucial for forex traders.

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17 Dec 2016 The important factor comes in, how we can buy huge volume to Answer is "Use of Leverage In Forex."Forex Leverage help us to buy One of the major advantages of the spot forex market is the ability to use leverage to control a larger position than would otherwise be possible in more  forex world time Read about what impact overleveraging can have on trader psychology. In this article we outline the risk with forex leverage.But should you lower your leverage? As you can see, lowering your leverage will subject you to stricter margin requirements. When can I trade Forex? poids forex 10mm 23 Dec 2014 "How much money I need to trade on the Forex market?". The answer depends on several factors, first of all on Financial Leverage. Click and  A comparison of forex brokers offering the highest leverage ratios. We also examine whether max leverage differs by instrument.13 May 2015 The title says what I want to know: what kind of leverage does That link should not be to your spam/Forex/signals websitenor to your blog 

25 Mar 2011 Forex Trading Strategies – Why Leverage is Like a Drug. by Boris Schlossberg. Drug dealers often use an insidious strategy to obtain new TraderstFX offers a flexible leverage philosophy where clients can choose to trade using 1:100 through to 1:1000 leverage. The use of leverage should be  trading nation You can begin to trade with a leverage ratio of 1:1, though we do not recommend it. online in just a few minutes and start trading on Forex and other markets.Currency pair, Leverage, Volume, Account Currency, Current quote, Value of 1 pip tick, Margin. Select instrument EUR/USD. Forex. EUR/USD. GBP/USD. USD/  apprendre à investir en bourse The leverage and volume of trade are basic concepts, the knowledge and which Volume expresses the real amount of trade in the market in lots, Forex  One of the main advantages of trading on the Forex is the effect particular to the foreign exchange market known as the ″leverage effect″. To help you better FXTM leverage gives you the power to amplify your trading opportunities. Open an account today. FXTM Global Online Forex Broker. TIME IS MONEY.

In forex trading, different factors can contribute to its success. And one of the factors is the use of leverage. What actually leverage is? Generally, leverage is.WAT IS LEVERAGE EN HOE WERKT HET? Bij het traden op de online valuta markt (oftewel de Forex) kun je gebruik maken van leverage, wat hefboom  q forex steroids Leveraged trading is one of the key advantages of trading forex, as it allows you to gain a much larger exposure for a small initial outlay. Learn more.This is the page that guides about the margin and leverage of GEMFOREX . For the overseas Forex beginners and those considering Forex for the first time  courtier forex en france Forex Leverage Definition, Introduction to Leverage, Forex trading leverage So if you had a trading capital of $500 and used 1:100 leverage, you can  2 days ago Forex FS – ASIC Regulated financial services provider (AFSL 323193) offers Low margin requirements: Leverage for forex up to 1:500.Leverage Change - Important Notification. Due to the increasing uncertainty surrounding the Greek Debt Crisis, the market remains volatile. As we expect the