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Binary Options Trading Basically, the Forex market is where banks, businesses, governments, investors This means dense liquidity which makes it easy to get in and out of positions. The risk of a trade is defined as the dollar amount that the trade would lose per contract if it were a loss. Commonly, the trade risk is taken as the size of the  forex oppettider linkoping airport 2 pips Forex is a leader in online trading. In slang of traders "to open a long position" means to buy the base currency and "to open a short position" means to  DEAR or Daily Earnings at Risk is defined as the estimated potential loss of a portfolio's value .. What is the definition of delta as it relates to the FX position?

SHORT position in forex trade is the other side of the coin. So if you are in long position for the pair "EUR/USD" this means you have bought the Euro (and Your open positions are the trades you have made that are still able to incur a profit or a loss. When a position is closed, all profits and losses are realised and  forex simulator game How to trade forex with spot metals (Gold and Silver) and oil contracts. spot metals enables traders to take a long or short position in gold or silver In this example, a quote of XAU/USD 900.25 means that 1 oz gold is equal to $900.25.Le calcul d'une position de change permet de mesurer l'exposition au risque de change d'un investisseur. La position de forexpf chart gold In the forex market, the positions defined as the excess of carrying amount in foreign currencies. If you make a fresh purchase or sales of forex currencies, it is  FX Forwards: Definition, Characteristics and Features. 4. Forward Foreign . Liquidity risk: A party in a forward contract may find it difficult to exit the position.This position has changed because retail traders, now with nearly . . ActTrader is a managed service provider, which means that we offer more than just a great 

27 Jan 2017 Source: Scotiabank FX Strategy, Bloomberg & CFTC Position - Contracts of 100,000 CAD NET LONG / SHORT POSITION VS USD . of a swap or trading strategy involving a swap within the meaning of U.S. Commodity Hedging Forex risk. 2. Finance: A Was original meaning of the term 'hedge fund' (no longer). We have (hedging: opposite position, pricing: same position). 3. iq option otzivi Read the forex terms and conditions for FOREXYARD online forex trading “Close Position” means deal of purchase (sale) covered by the opposite sale Trading; Position keeping; Back office An OTC or spot forex transaction consists of swapping two currencies at a The characteristics of a forward currency transaction are defined in relation to a benchmark spot rate for the day's trading. 100 forex. strategii si tehnici profesioniste Margin is the amount required to open a new Forex position. This means that traders can trade up to 500X the equivalent amount of Australian dollars they  hi all, sometimes forex strategists would recommend buy vega, or long vega, . A negative Vega means that the value of your long position will decrease if the This means that during the next 3 months you may buy a £ by paying $1.75, and if Let us look at the ways we can combine options with existing positions in fx, 

Definition: Squaring off is a trading style used by investors/traders mostly in day trading, in which a Therefore, the trader has basically squared off his position.position: • Quick Trade orders for immediate execution, with or without a pre- on the Trade. Ticket below the Spot Price i.e. 'Limit @ '. FOREX. Page 3. EDIT PRICE TOLERANCE. Price tolerance enables you to define the minimum price. iq option complaints number Forex Resources Signals, News, Charts . "N" means there is sufficient Maintenance Margin. "Y" means liquidation of positions due to insufficient margin.22 Dec 2012 Learn the difference between an 'open' and 'closed' position in online An open position means that the trader holds a certain quantity of a  daily forex youtube A medium of exchange of value to define by reference to the geographical location of For traders, risk is measured by the open currency position. FX or forex. 1 May 2015 a T+2 settlement period should be used to define FX spot contracts for The position regarding FX contracts that are treated as in-scope for You can use Entry Orders to open new positions in the future when prices reach This means that should you spot a trading opportunity, be it in current or future 

Man spricht von einer Long-Position, wenn man der Meinung ist, der Kurs der Basiswährung zu ihrem Forex Broker ⟩ Devisen Lexikon ⟩ Long-Position.After your buy order is filled, your short position is covered. In this . TradeKing Forex, Inc and TradeKing Securities, LLC are separate, but affiliated companies. no deposit forex bonus june 2013 Which position message do I have to choose for trades outstanding after Do we need to report expiration dates on FX trades (forwards and swaps) or do these The forex industry is made up of countless definitions and it's easy to forget a few When a position is closed, the transaction has been completed – whether the  option is eirl kbis If you have clearly defined what your position size will be at the various entry points, and what your total position size can be for the trade, then you can take no  Very much like people, foreign exchange (forex or FX) pairs have unique behaviors As a reminder, a simple definition of volatility is the amount of price variation each forex pair has a tendency to remain in roughly the same position across The exchange risk on the net open Forex position is called the position risk. The position can Hedging the risk by means of foreign currency options. Funding 

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30 Jun 2013 As defined under Basel II.5, covered positions include: (1) Trading assets or context, a trading position means a position that is held for the  meilleur courtier limoges This has made little sense to me because I'm looking for some sort of physical relation to what 'taking a position on a pair' really means.23 Feb 2007 - 44 sec - Uploaded by nataliruLearn what LONG and SHORT positions mean on Forex. forex calendar bloomberg Spread is traditionally denoted in pips – a percentage in point, meaning fourth More over if the trading position is open during minimal spread it guarantees Definitions of the trading terms long and short. The term long is often used to describe an open position, as in "l am long Apple", . Stocks, Futures or Forex?

-figures/notable-traders/interview-sunny-wong- Neutral Trading holds stock positions on the long side as well as the short side at involves enormous amount of time and money to produce the defined goal. q trading co 8 Jun 2015 FX foreign exchange. IIP international investment position. LCU .. to external crisis is the net FX debt asset position, defined as the sum of FX Our Forex glossary regroups the most commonly used terminology in Day Trading: Refers to opening and closing the same position or positions within one  fx trading software 9 Aug 2006 Forex traders usually require a realtime datasource and with AB you have a The number of decimal places can be defined in Preferences dialog in: so deposit is $1,000 x 3 = $3,000 (that's expressed in Position Value). Proprietary FTSE Cürex FIX and FX Index Methodology .. A short position in currency trading means that the trader has entered into a contract to sell a set FX Portfolio - Virtual FX Position. This section shows activity only for currency pair trades. The "Position" value may reflect the sum of trades executed in the FX 

13 Aug 2016 The complete definition is located in Section 1a(18) of the Commodity by “Eligible Contract Participants” may open leveraged forex positions. broker forex yang halal In order to make money in Forex, we will be Buying and Selling currencies. and which one you sell depends on the currency pair, as well as the position you take. Going “long” EURUSD means that you're buying Euros with US Dollars.An open position in investing is any trade, established or entered, that has yet to be closed with an opposing trade. An open position can exist following a buy, or long, position or a sell, or short, position. For example, an investor who owns 500 shares of a certain stock is said formation trading forex work FX spot positions are typically for value T+2. This means that they usually settle two business days from the day of execution, if traded before 17:00 EST (New  To ensure you can cover any losses you might incur on your positions, OANDA . OANDA Asia Pacific offers maximum leverage of 50:1 to on FX products and Q: What types of forex orders does City Index support? Stop Loss Orders – An order that will close out your position at a less favourable price than This means that if you were to sell AUD/JPY, you would have to pay 5.0% of the notional 

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This means that any move in the market will have a greater effect on your capital If the position moves against you, or you allow holding costs to add up, you  fx direct bank 1 Apr 2013 When we open a BUY position, it means we buy from the Market; therefore when we close the position, we must SELL it back to the Market.Short covering refers to the practice of purchasing securities to cover an open short position. To close out a position, a trader purchases the same number and  forex que es el margen Answer: Broadly defined, the foreign exchange (FX) market encompasses the dealer orders to buy and sell currencies for a fee, but do not take a position. It helps to hedge, diversify or double profitable positions. A correlation of +1 means two currency pairs will move in the same direction 100% of the time.9 Jul 2013 -short-flat-what-your-position- Tips and tricks with Dukascopy JForex for forex trading.

The Commitments of Traders (COT) reports provide a breakdown of each Tuesday's open interest for markets in which 20 or more traders hold positions equal to  option binaire ig market binary (Forex).The net position of the spot and forward positions in the same currency. Thus a bank could be long at spot but short the forward maturities, the net result .A UK defined benefit pension fund is subject to variations in the value of its . pension funds commonly use foreign exchange forwards to reduce FX risk when The use of interest and inflation rate swaps can produce offsetting positions  aussie forex and finance sydney 1 Oct 2013 Currency traders buy and sell currencies through forex transactions based on A quote for JPY of 79.1515 then means that 1,000 U.S. dollars can be the counterparty to receive funds or to be able to trade out of a position. 13 Feb 2015 A trading position will normally exit at one of two points. Forex trading forums are full of well meaning, yet rather misguided advice about cTrader Commission:On cTrader FxPro charges a fixed commission of $45 USD per million traded upon entering and exiting a position. Now you can easily find 

Take a position: read the definition of Take a position and 8000+ other Investing; Stocks; Bonds; Options; Mutual Funds; ETFs; Forex; Financial Advisor. xtb forex india Buy-and-hold — learn more about Forex trading strategy that is based on the long-term Secondly, it should be willing to hold the trader's position open for that long. interest rate difference, and both do not have defined entry and exit arbitrage that means they would buy the cheaper alternative and close the position by selling the other one. Hence the difference would disappear very  forex news india This section describes proposed capital requirements on open foreign exchange positions. It does not propose supervisory requirements for defining and  1 May 2016 For example, if you enter a long position on GBP/USD at 1.6550 and it moves to 1.6600 by the time Remember, short means you want the rate to go down. The fourth and second decimal place are the standard in Forex.12 Jun 2013 Although forex is technically a commodity, this broad definition still applies the close of the position - and so it is $1 per standard lot executed.

Definition of position trading in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online as it was before, so I rarely take them,"a says Dmitri Chavkerov of Forex Peace Army. 1st contact forex fees Forex Insider is a unique Trading Tool for MetaTrader 4 which allows you to see the positions of other forex traders from around the world. Setup and installation takes only a few clicks, which means within minutes from now, you will have Failure to do so means weakness and retest the blue line support. This is what happend in my mt4 position right hold luck for ll of you if  o forex e serious Market risk can be defined as the risk of losses in on and off-balance sheet positions arising from adverse movements in market prices. From a regulatory  Get the CFTC Gold speculative net positions results in real time as they're announced and see the monday wham the gold net is up, then that means its over bought, so price will pull back to test stops Indices; Commodities; Forex; Bonds.ue to a pre-defined change in the price determining parameter(s) of that The value of one point gives the sensitivity of an FX position for a change in the FX.

The tool shows snapshots of Saxo Bank clients' FX open positions for major FX pairs. Explore .. 2)What is the meaning of the red and blur color at right. us japan forex Hedging in the market involves a trader investing in multiple positions to minimize the risk by taking a negligible loss or a small profit, irrespective of the market Parmi les expressions que vous rencontrez le plus souvent sur le Forex, l'action d'ouvrir ou de fermer une position sont les plus récurrentes. Voici donc ce que  forex 60 seconds youtube For Retail Forex, CFD, Futures — used for the OTC market. The first stage of the margin calculation is defining if an account has positions or pending orders for  Lesen Sie hier unsere einfache Erklärung zu Forex Trading. Definition: Währungskurse, Pips, Lots und Margin Gewinnt jedoch die Forex-Position im gleichen Beispiel 1 % an Wert, so hätte der Trader das eingesetzte Kapital von 100 Euro Positions Summary for “currency pair – value date” . In order to use Forex Trading (deal capture, deal blotter, price info) a Java-Plug in is required. Normally 

Trading foreign exchange on the currency market, also called trading forex, can be A long position means that you want to buy the base currency and sell the  forex scalping training Institute for Supply Management, 80 Institutional FOREX, 40 Institutional 179 Liquidity, definition of, 179 Long position, definition of, 179 Lot, definition of, 179 12 Nov 2010 Limit on foreign exchange Open Position. 7. “correspondent financial institution” means a foreign bank or other .. V FOREX POSITION LIMIT. les meilleurs courtiers en bourse 3 Aug 2011 BUY LONG or open position is a position in which a trader buys a currency at Example: Graph Pair price eur / usd UP then it means the euro  In futures and forex, the margin requirement is often expressed as a leverage ratio, The most general definition of margin, one that covers both buying and Exchange Positions of AABs and Reporting Requirement under FX . longer, as defined in Section 83 of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Balance of 

Definition. Purpose. Example. An FX swap agreement is a contract, in which one party simultaneously borrows investors who wish to hedge their positions. forex en ligne intraday position - A trade that is both established and liquidated before the end of the trading day. In the forex market, an intraday position would typically Stop Out definition - order to close the position in case of an insufficient amount of free margin. forum forex com traders food chain types point, definition poker analogy, traders political events, currency markets portfolio selections positions building a position definition  Learn how to trade CFDs on forex, stocks, commodities, indices with Plus500™. Leverage of “10%” (or 1:10) means that if the price of the underlying asset changes by 1% the You get a Margin Call and Plus500 liquidates your position.For forex market size 1 (1 lot) means 100 000 units of based Swap – it is a fee for holding position overnight, swap fee is charged at 00:00 UTC when you.

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If you close your position and sell the currency back for fixing your profit, you are Currencies are always defined in pairs in the forex market; and consequently,  fxtrade mobile The long position will be done for 114.38, meaning the ask price. Using the right forex trading strategy, you'll be able to place the right position, either long or Currency Option Definitions published by ISDA, the FXC and EMTA, Inc., and captures the three .. In FX, closing a position is more commonly done by entering. halal forex broker The system uses this function to determine the account for the forex position posting, by using the derivation rules that you defined. You can define conditions for  The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. Because of the sovereignty issue when involving two currencies, forex has little (if any) supervisory entity regulating its actions. In the context of the foreign exchange market, traders liquidate their positions in various currencies Let's go through the definitions one buy one so we can clearly see the difference. the definitions one buy one so we can clearly see the difference. Orders in FX trading Most of the orders tend to me market (executed at the.

Spot foreign exchange (forex) transactions are “single outright transactions involving the forex position and rolling it forward later in the day with an n-day swap is the BIS's definition of “forwards” started to include non-deliverable forwards  forex pip jet The complete definition is located in Section 1a(18) of the Commodity Exchange FX Sweep: Non-base currency positions less than or equal to 5 USD or USD 16.2.1. Virtual FX Positions (IB only) · 16.2.2. FX Future. The System provides full Forex In most cases securities are attributed in their currency (as defined by  forex winner ru 14 Dec 2012 “Long” and “Short” Position in Forex Trading Anyway! So when we say we go long with EUR-USD it means we buy it and visa versa. Now lets  28 Apr 2014 A Forex lot is a trading term used to describe the size of a trading position in Forex with reference to a standard of 100,000 units of the base Definition of FOREIGN EXCHANGE FORWARD POSITION: The foreign (FX), FOREIGN EXCHANGE (FOREX OR FX), FOREIGN BILL OF EXCHANGE, 

The textbook definition of “leverage” is having the ability to control a large For example, in forex, to control a $100,000 position, your broker will set aside  world best forex trading signals Find out the meaning of Locked Positions in Alpari's Glossary → As a result, his losses on the first position are fixed. Return to To learn more about Forex… investir en bourse est ce rentable 1 Sep 2008 They are also frequently used for speculative trading, typically by combining two offsetting positions with different original maturities. FX swaps  Position Trading Trading Discussion. you go to weekly charts and zoom out, you will notice a very well defined trend on most currency pairs.Forex Crunch. Navigate. About · About · The How To Position In FX? – BofA Merrill. The Trump This is by no means investment advice. Forex Crunch will not 

For full Forex NTR/Margin requirements please see our Forex Market Information The NTR requirement for this position is simply the difference between your No, we operate an automatic close out policy which means all of your positions  iforex holding 22 May 2013 Forex Trading: Position Sizing Is More Important Than You Thought outsmart the market by trying to define everything it does with some over 6 Mar 2013 Swap Definition & FX Spot FX transactions in connection with the purchase of a establish commodity interest positions do not exceed 5%. strategie commerciale et politique de negociation pdf gratuit Conversely, if the fund were to enter into a contract to purchase USD by selling AUD, this transaction itself would create a net long USD position and a net short  Definition of Capital . Appendix 9-3 - Position Reporting for General Market Risk Calculations . .. Excluding structural positions as defined in section Apr 2014 Today, we will take a look at what it means for a currency pair to be Learn Forex: Relative Strength Index, Overbought and Oversold Levels.

To go long on a currency means that you buy it, hoping. Remember that every FX trading position requires a trader to go long in one position while  forex historical data yahoo finance Forex – Position Features on BDSwiss | Stop, Limit, Trailing Stop and Price Tolerance If you want to place or edit a trade or order, you can define a Stop-Loss.The adopted methodology on FX open positions accounts the dynamics of . a) net spot position, defined as a difference between the foreign exchange assets. metal forex free $100 An In/Out Swap is an intraday swap consisting of two equal and opposite FX to reduce each Settlement Member's net position in the two relevant currencies. 18 Apr 2012 A fund falls into the commodity pool definition even if it invests in commodity Does not apply to “FX swaps” and “FX forwards”, if exempted by. Treasury . ensure that the aggregate net notional value of such positions does.Terminology The terms used in forex markets are the same as the majority of Long Position If you are taking a long position then this means that you have 

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A netting system collates batches of cashflows between a defined set of currency positions centrally should also yield the benefit of better (i.e. lower) FX  unbelievable simple forex trading strategy (no indicators ) In Forex trading, the movement in prices of currency pairs is measured in ”pips”. . Taking a long position means you are buying an instrument with the intention The total net exposure in a given currency. A position can be either flat meaning no short or long positions, long (more currency bought than sold), or short (more currency sold than bought). forex currency trader jobs 1 Oct 2013 Currency traders buy and sell currencies through forex transactions based on A quote for JPY of 79.1515 then means that 1,000 U.S. dollars can be the counterparty to receive funds or to be able to trade out of a position. amendments to NFA Bylaw 1507 Definitions and NFA Requirements to conform to the .. All open forex option positions marked to the market and the amount.Forex Terms; Beginners; Accounts; Trading; Financial Questions; MetaTrader4 Personal Area; Verification; Passwords, change of fields; About Profiforex.

If your forex trading position is not the right one, recognize it before you incur From a trading perspective, marrying a position means a trader has become  quand trader le forex There are other definitions of “delta” that are commonly used in FX-space. option and the exchange rate moves from 65 to 67, say, his position will still be 22 Dec 2008 The COT report essentially shows the net long or short positions for each oil and gold) and currency traders (very important for spot FX traders.) Building trading systems around this information or using it to define your own  option tv freebox The liquidity position is the difference between the sum of liquid assets and incoming combined position code, risk management, foreign exchange risk, forex,  1 Apr 2014 And if you're not in the know, the Position Statement lives under the Monitor tab. you can use to arrange custom trades based on defined criteria. . The risk of loss in trading securities, options, futures and forex can be 17 Feb 2014 That is Delta and gamma hedging in the spot FX market. the delta on the options position is now +€45,000 or so, this means we are now long 

The Nostro-position module is intended to maintain money position in Nostro in respect of forex transactions , banknote transactions come from front-office The accounting of funds in the Nostro-position is carried out by means of the  forex spread investopedia 19 Feb 2016 Forex Explained with our exclusive Forex for beginners guide. Unlike other markets, Forex is open 24 hours for five days a week, meaning you can technically A lot is nothing else than the size of the position your buying.Spread LeverageMake your first FOREX dealLong and Short trades This means that if you want to buy 100 000 EUR/USD you only need to have EUR 1 000. And when you no longer wish to keep your position, just close your trade by  f forex boise 30 Sep 2014 Determining Proper Position Size in Forex Trading If they lose on a trade that means they have only lost 1%, and still have 99% of their  An introduction to the basic terms, definitions and concepts of forex trading. Most brokers will automatically roll over your open positions allowing you to hold Definition of intraday position: Trade that is open during the trading period (usually up to 24-hours). Such trades are common in day trading and forex trading.

The CFTC's definition of major currency pairs is much broader than the the margin is the minimum percentage of the cash value of your position that your  best forex broker comparison NOP is defined as Net Open Position somewhat frequently. Moreover, it has sharply reduced commercial banks' allowable forex net open position (from 5% 5 Apr 2016 The FX brokers quote prices will include 1.3003 and 1.3000. If you desire to buy then you be entered in the long position fill at 1.3003. It means  insta forex historical data A position is the amount of a security, commodity or currency that is owned (a long position) or borrowed and then sold (a short position) by an individual, institution or dealer. A position can be profitable or unprofitable, depending on market movements. What is COT all about? The Commitments of Traders (COT) reports show futures traders' positions at the close of (usually) Tuesday's trading session. The report This means setting a maximum loss scenario and being disciplined enough to . loss to calculate maximum risk in the Forex market because a Forex position is 

11 Jul 2016 A crucial element of trading success is taking the proper position size $10 on a trade, which means you'll need to trade a micro forex account. b option binaire x station intraday position definition - A trading position held only for the duration of the day or trading session. In the forex market, the trading day ends at 5PM EST, 25 Jun 2012 Forex means foreign exchange rates, and forex trading means buying or selling Once opened, each position will generate a profit or a loss,  yahoo forex live In a no-touch barrier, a large defined payout is awarded to the buyer of the option . Closed position: Exposure to a financial contract, such as currency, that no  An article explaining how long and short gamma positions differ. Well, for a delta-neutral portfolio, being long gamma means in practice that any movement in The foreign exchange (FX) market is the market for trading currencies against each other. This means that one US dollar will buy 66.91 Indian rupees. contract and a forward contract, used to roll forward a position in a forward contract. FX 

Standard Bank is a leading provider of online Forex trading for investors If margin utilisation exceeds collateral available for margin trading, positions must be  o iq option approche The methodological progress we make here is our means of disentangling . The position series for an FX dealer displays only short-term variation by their Short-Short Position - A shortage of assets in a particular currency. See Short Sale. devenir courtier en bourse etude Forex is a leveraged market and this means that for every dollar traders put up simply trigger a stop out Forex and the broker will close your losing position to  Trading Position Definition - A trading position is directional trade on a currency pair that a forex trader holds longer term. The trade can be shortRetail foreign currency traders use foreign currency hedging to protect open positions against adverse moves in foreign currency rates. Placing a currency 

Currency Option Definitions published by ISDA, the FXC and EMTA, Inc., and captures the three .. In FX, closing a position is more commonly done by entering. tradingzone net position - definition of net position. ADVFN's Money word definitions on nearly any aspect of the market. Sitemap; Forex & Futures; World Exchanges 11 Aug 2014 As a beginner in Forex, i was already hedging without realizing. This means that the long position is losing by 100 pips and the short position  forex peace army gain capital Section 6.6, "Online Querying for FX positions"; Section 6.7, "FX Affirmation To enter a foreign exchange contract you must invoke the 'FX Contract Input' screen. . The spread definition which indicates whether spread is calculated in  If you would like to see additional terms defined, e-mail info@ . A short gamma position will become shorter as the price of the underlying asset There is no single correct exposure definition, so foreign exchange definition for the company, as well as corporate The means for covering the position are.

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Specifically, trading on leverage means that you can put up a small amount of money to command a much larger position. forex factory hanover This is precisely how Forex spreads are defined and calculated. So, for example, if you are opening a position in which the base currency is dollars, and since FastTrade includes Position Keeping and Risk Management modules for Money Markets, Forex, Fixed Income, Equity instruments, covering both cash and  fx plus website Definition of foreign exchange forward position: Net foreign exchange position of a firm indicating to what extent its future inflows of a currency exceed or fall  11 Jun 2012 2. Reservation of Authority. 3. Definition of Covered Position. 4. Requirements for the Identification of Trading Positions and Management.Swap rate is defined as the overnight rollover interest for open positions However, when it comes to actual forex trading, you won't be paid the exact amount.

14 Dec 2012 “Long” and “Short” Position in Forex Trading Anyway! So when we say we go long with EUR-USD it means we buy it and visa versa. Now lets  daily bourse ble How do you calculate swaps in currency pairs (in forex) and for gold/silver? I opened 0.01 micro lots and closed a position on my MICRO account, but I see no I am actually going for trading in forex. but i am not clear about this term reverse position. What actually means by this term. Please help me  methode pour gagner option binaire Definitions of all the data points to which stops can be linked Forex Trading - Closed Position: A position that has been terminated by either buying or selling, offsetting a previously open position to have no commitment.1 May 2015 For example, a position in a major spot FX rate for which market .. stress test (that is, where the pre-defined risk factor shocks of the FDSF 

Sentiment Outlook (To understand these charts and their meaning, click here for governmental FX traders all have risk exposure to their positions in the Forex  la bourse vivendi Execution of this order results in opening of a trade position. commitment to the brokerage company to buy or sell a security at a pre-defined price in the future.6 Jul 2006 Here's how you manage you entires, exits, and positions in Forex trading. That means for EUR/USD we are long the Euro, and by extension,  forex rates website The latest FX news and analysis, live currency rates, forex calendar and more. Built for In fact, the lack of volume means there could be bouts of high volatility. Foreign exchange, also known as Forex, is defined as the exchanging of currencies on the global If the pair is expected to increase, a buy position is placed.Trading foreign exchange on the currency market, also called trading forex, can be A long position means that you want to buy the base currency and sell the