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Different Patterns and Forms of Rubber Band Bracelets

There is an on-going and hip trend among kids and teens nowadays, especially in terms of accessories and making statement in style. The rubber band bracelets have been around for quite some times but it just recently become highly popular because of the colorful cute colors being used. After all, such bracelets are considered as the friendship bracelets or as stylish fashion accessories that will make your performance look unique and different.

Here are some reasons why the bracelets are very popular and likeable these days:

• They are easily found; not to mention that they are quite affordable – if not cheap. Even the thickest and most colorful bracelets won’t cost you a fortune, which can affect your weekly allowance money.

• They are super fun to look at. They are definitely adorable and cute, and they come in various different designs and styles that will blow your mind away.

• They are great for enhancing your individuality and make fashion statement. If you like combining dark colors, be my guest. If you opt for brighter and more colorful range, feel free to do so too.

• They can easily be made. If you don’t really like buying the bracelets, you can always browse and surf around for different patterns and styles that you can make on your own. It adds personality and individuality, and you can come up with the styles that you like the most. Not to mention that you can always try selling your creations – that would be so cool!

Another cool thing about this rubber band bracelet is the fact that it is not only worn by kids and teens, but also but adults. And in case you want to know different kinds of bracelets and their types, here are some information about the various forms and shapes – that you may all like:

• The fishtail bracelet. In case you want to make one, it is the easiest one – from the single chain form. Even a 5 year old can make it!

• The double fishtail bracelet. Also known as the 4 prong dragon scale, this is the alternative variation from the regular fishtail design. Of course, it will deliver more colorful result which can affect the whimsical result.

• The rainbow ladder bracelet. This is more suitable for adults or teenagers. In case you have younger siblings, this is a good project to work with.
• The minecraft creeper bracelet. It is the added version from the ladder.

• Super stripe bracelet. It will result in thicker form and it is pretty advanced in the making.

• The zip chain bracelet. It is one of the most difficult bracelets to make, but if you are able to make one, the efforts are worth it.
• The colorful starburst bracelet. The bracelet is cheerful, bright, and fun. It is not very easy to make, but if will look extra good if you are able to manage it.

• The taffy twist bracelet. It is fun and thick, but it is quite tricky to make.

• The X-Twister bracelet. Also known as the sun spots or liberty, different colors can affect the end result.

Reasons Why Children’s Bean Bag Chairs Are Highly Popular

There are so many health benefits and perks that you can enjoy from having children’s bean bag chairs. Not only these cute and adorable chairs can help you with your health, it can also help dealing with your bad posture – which generally leads to health issues. If you want to spark up the ambiance and atmosphere within your house, you should choose the right shape, size, and also material. Price should be considered in your purchase planning as well.

One of the main reasons why bean bag chairs is so popular is because of the great flexibility offered by the chair. The bean bag is designed to adjust and conform to your posture, following your every move and body contour perfectly and comfortably so you don’t have to worry about rigid or uncomfortable sitting position. Unlike the regular and traditional chairs with their solid back support and pads for the bottoms, the bean bag chairs don’t have such restriction or limitation. Whether you want to lay back and sit – or you want to push your body all the way to the back – rest assured that the bean bag will always provide the comfortable support that you want.

There are more perks and benefits offered by these bean bag chairs, such as:

• You can reduce or even eliminate possible health issues like joint ache, headache, back ache, and even depression. Because of the perfect ergonomic ability, these kinds of chairs enable you to sit comfortably in any position that you want without compromising comfort and functionality. In fact, you can find the best sitting position without fuss.

• The chair is perfect for any body shape, thanks to the absence of any rigid structure. This chair is solid and provides great support, and yet it is plush and simply cozy.

• This chair can be used by anyone, from kids to adults. Pregnant moms will find this chair highly supportive and nice – after all, most moms have to deal with additional weight and burden that makes sitting in upright position not comfy at all. The chair is also nice and comfy for nursing moms as they find the most relaxing positions for themselves and their babies while breastfeeding.
• Today’s bean bag chairs come in adorable patterns, sizes, and styles – which are great for your interior décor design.

Since such chairs come in various different types, you may want to know which one is the most accommodative and supportive for you:
• The round bag. It can be small or big, depending on your preferences. This kind of chair is often used for relaxation such as watching TV or playing games

• The square bag. This chair is generally used as additional seats because of the unique design and shape.
• Extra big bag. It looks similar to a couch, able to accommodate more than one person. It still uses the principle of bean bag chair, only bigger.

• The novelty bag. This is the newer type of bean bag chair, coming in unique designs like flowers, animals, lips, football, and many more.

Different Options for the Best Electric Shaver for Head

Finding the best electric shaver for head can be tricky. Most people think that you can shave your head with the regular shave generally used for the beard and moustache. But, do you actually know that the blade for the beard shaver and the head shaver is different? After all, they are designed for different usage and purpose, so you shouldn’t use the beard shaver for shaving your head bald. Unless you want to risk yourself and you don’t mind with the imperfect result, feel free to use the beard shaver.

So, what’s so special about the electric head shaver, anyway? Well, first of all, electric application makes everything easier. It is easier to use. It takes shorter time to accomplish. It is packed with the latest sophisticated technologies that make the operation easier, faster, and even more fun. In case you want to choose for the best head shavers, there are three important elements that you should consider about.

• Think about the blade. The blades can come in adjustable forms or the guards. The guards may come in various sizes, between 1.5 mm to the thickest one of 13 mm.

• Consider the functions. You can choose waterproof electric shaver or not. You can also choose the corded or the cordless ones. If you like doing the shaving in the shower, it would be nice to choose the waterproof and cordless one. There are also shavers that come with self sharpening blades, although they may be a bit costly when compared to the general ones.

• Think about the easiness in implementation and usage. Use the shaver with ergonomic fit that feels nice when you hold it. Some of the modern ones are even lighter without compromising quality or usage. When you are confident using the shaver, the possibility of nicks will be minimized.

In case you are thinking about buying an electric shaver, here are some of the products to consider about:

• Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV 81-K. it is a shaver for wet or dry condition, depending on your needs. It comes equipped with nanotech hypoallergenic blades for more accurate result and also five stainless blades for better usage and safety. It costs you around $270, but it is sturdy, long lasting, and reliable. The head is flexible, offering easy and versatile up and down features. It will follow the contour and shape of your head; not to mention that the lift technology foil enables you to cut different length of hair easily and smoothly. It is also rechargeable; only takes an hour to fully charged and it comes with auto cleaning system. It comes packing with travel pouch and lock button for safer traveling purpose and easiness.

• Brain 790cc Series 7. It costs you around $190. It is highly flexible and certainly less expensive than the Panasonic. It has three shaving modes for normal, sensitive, and extra sensitive, so it is highly comfortable. It also has this handy Optifoil and ActiveLift feature that will help you cut flat hair comfortably and smoothly. If you don’t want to shave your hair on daily basis, this is the perfect device for you.

DIY Room Decor for Teenage Girl

Nowadays, there are so many options of how to do the diy room decor depend on whom the room is decorated to. There must be some differences whenever you want to decorate a room for a man or a girl, or even for adults or teenagers. This is because the characteristic of a person is different from one to another depending on gender, the age of that person, and some other aspects. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that everyone is special, so it’s important for you to consider the characteristic of the person first before doing any decoration to the room.

Well, when it comes to decorate a room for a teenage girl, then it’s the best time for you to take a look at these diy room decor ideas for teenage girls that will be briefed in this article. The first thing to consider is about the characteristic of the girl who will live in the room. Know the characteristic of the girl first and then you may decide which decorations may fit along the girl’s character. Moreover, it’s best if you include the girl into the process of decoration. It will give you some advantages that it not only can satisfy the teenage girl as she join in the decorating process herself but also make your decorating job much easier.

Diy Room Decor for Teenage Girl
Well, here are some basic decorating ideas that may be helpful for you in doing the diy room decor for your teenage girl. First, if you want to make this decorating project as a simple one, then you can take the advantage of home design magazines to consult for inspiration. Allow your girl come along with you since she may have her own taste in decorating her room. Go through the pictures available in the magazines, and let your girl tears out which one that appeal to her. Have a conversation with your girl and then determine what color scheme to be used in the room, the types of the furniture, kinds of accessories, until the layout of the room. Also, you can ask your teenage girl to make some lists contain her favorite activities, hobbies, artists, athletes, or films. The list will be much helpful for you to decorate a room that fits her best.

Diy Room Decor for Teenage Girl2
Another consideration, before doing the diy room decor for your teenage girl, you may need to remove all the old things that the girl has in her childhood, such as the old artwork that she no longer wants to display in storage and the old toys that she no longer use. You may also remove the old furniture like beddings, rugs and some other items since they typically no longer fit the new characteristic of the teenage girl. Remove all the childish items and replace them with the new ones which fit her now best. Well, those are the things that you need to consider when you have a project of diy room decor for your teenage girl.

Juicing for Weight Loss A Delicious Way to Shed the Exceed Weight

Juicing for Weight Loss A Delicious Way to Shed the Exceed Weight
Juicing for weight loss, actually, you need to consider this when your diet pills and you over exercise fail to give the best weight loss result you are expected. Yes, you can give up to take your diet pills, but don’t when it comes to exercise, you need to keep it, even though it is not as much as you used to. Basically, there are many reasons why people gain weight. This is not only about how much they eat, but simply it is because the domino effect of their daily routine, such as lack of sleep, side effect of medication, stress, and many more.

Juicing for weight loss becomes the solution then, for those who are struggling to gain their ideal body weight. However, you need to know that you can’t just juice the fruits or the vegetables just like that. There are some guidelines to consider so that you can grasp the best result for your weight loss. First, consider to always use raw fruits or vegetables, since they have bunch of nutrient to feed your body properly without adding more fat to your body system. Second, don’t give up your exercise. Even though, the juices you make is powerful enough to shed your weight, but when you combine it with moderate exercise the possibility to gain ideal body weight is wider and faster. More, your muscle will thank you.

Third, when you are doing juicing for weight loss, ensure yourself to add more budgets to purchase raw and organic local vegetables or fruits to consume. This way can make you stay away for kind of food or beverage that gives no good to your body system. Oh, you need to remember to buy kind of fruits of vegetables on its season, why? Frankly, it is because the fruits and the vegetables not only fresher, but also cheaper.

Fourth, then next thing you need to consider when it comes to juicing for weight loss, to avoid boredom, it is important to gather juice recipes not only online, but also through printed magazine. Not to mention, but you will discover plenty of them. Usually, for the weight loss purpose, the recipes for juicing, most of them are the combination of fruits and vegetables- not fruits alone or vegetables alone. Moreover, you will love the color and the taste.

Fifth, you need to understand that juicing alone cannot guarantee you to lose weight properly, not to say that juicing is not powerful enough to reduce your exceed weight- all elements should be included when it comes to weight loss, so that, you not only lose weight, but in the same time you also revamp your healthiness. It is such a pity if you gain a poor health after reducing your weight. Sixth, combine your juicing activity with meditation. This is important to decrease stress level and deliver you with positive mindset and attitude to keep going on your weight loss program. So, what’s on your mind? Whatever it is, you better try juicing for weight loss.

Diamond Promise Rings for Her: What to Expect and Find

Diamond promise rings for her has its own certain appeal and attractive element on the promise. Whether you are wearing the ring for romantic notion or you do it with full-of-hope expectation of getting a new love, the diamond is certainly everlasting – that’s why it’s the best as women’s best friend.

There are several reasons why diamonds are chosen as the main stones for the promise ring:

1. First of all, besides considered as women’s best friend, diamonds are known for its hardness and durability. You won’t have to worry that your diamond ring will be easily scratched or damaged even when you wear it every day and within every activity that you do.

2. Diamonds are easily cleaned and cared for. Simply using soap and soft brush, you can turn the old and dirty diamond ring into a new one. It is safe to say that you won’t need any specialist or professional service to do the cleaning.

3. Diamonds are known for their high quality reflection, refraction, fire, shine, and pizzazz; that’s why their price is high. Reflection is the time when light hits the surface and then bounces off, while refraction is the time when the light actually enters the stone and then bounces out. Since diamonds can refract more lights – which result in the fire, brilliance, and also various colors created – they are valued quite high.

But keep in mind that diamonds have natural crystalline structure and compounds, which make them chip easily. You need to be careful not to cause any break or chip to the ring.

Most people think that promise rings are only worn between couples as the symbol of their unfulfilled love, but such rings can actually be worn between friends or even by yourself. Individuals who have pledge something needs fulfilling in the future often wear promise rings. So don’t worry if you want to buy yourself a promise ring; it won’t look odd or weird.

Just like the wedding or the engagement rings, promise rings come in various types and variants. The simplest form of such diamond promise rings for her is to have small stones around the band, filling the ring with small gems. It looks very simple and yet highly elegant and exclusive – not to mention also costly and expensive. You can also choose one main diamond on the center of the ring – either protruding or planted – with various decorations around it. Some of the stones are simply attached like that, while some have intricate designs for the crown. Some of the stones are even coming with various forms – leaves, heart, oval, rectangular – and then decorated with other adornments that will make them pop out.

Promise rings can come in single entity as well as for pairs. You can find a pair of rings for him and for her, if both of you have some kind of pledge together, but it is also possible to find a single for him only or for her only. Try to browse around; you may like what you find.

Black Gold Engagement Rings: Unique Rings for Your Special Moment

Have you ever heard about black gold engagement rings? Such rings may not be too general or familiar, but they do exist and they are possibly customized or personalized. The rings are quite unique and distinctive in appearance and it is a guarantee that you will look different and quite stand out when wearing them.

The Unique Appearance
What’s so good and different about this type of ring is the fact that it is gold, but it is covered in black. When it comes to color, there are actually other interesting colors that you can choose. The general combination is black ring band with white sparkly stone, but it is also possible to have black stone with black ring band as well. If you are adventurous enough, you can have red ring band. Basically, you can have any colors you want for the band, and if you want to have pink, blue, or even green band, you can have so. Red band can be paired up with white stone, but if you want to get contrast and dramatic effect, red band with black stone will look weird and yet unique and good looking at the same time.

The rings can still look as beautiful as other rings with simple and yet unique arrangement. If you choose the totally black gold engagement rings without stone at all, you will get black band wrapped around your finger. But if you want to add stone, the options are many. You can have one big stone protruding in the middle of the black band, wanting attention. You can have small several stones planted around the band, so the band will look as if being surrounded by little stars. You can have one big stone in the middle and several small ones on the right and left of the big main stone, so the ring will be sparkly. It will be hard to miss, considering all the glitter and the beautiful arrangement.

You may have to think again when you want your ring engraved, since it won’t be visible. However, some people have it engraved with whit- ink-like substance to make the writings more visible and pop out. Whether you want the engravings on the onside or the inside of the band, that’s up to you, but make sure that you choose only very good and unique writings if you want the engravings on the outside and be visible by others.

You can also choose the unique pair of him and her rings. The rings for him usually have plain band, without no stones at all, while the rings for her are coming with various designs and stones shapes. However, it is also possible to include small planted stone on the rings for him, to create a softer effect yet still retain the masculine look.

All these arrangements, styles, and designs have their own tag price. Depending on the materials used, especially gold, you may have to prepare extra budgets. If you want to include gemstones – again, depending on the type and the size – you will have to spend extra.

Psychology 101: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

In 1943, Abraham Maslow first proposed his discoveries on human motivation and development. These findings can be summarized with a pyramid diagram containing the most basic needs along the bottom, and the most complex at the top. Maslow's scientific studies focused on the most distinguished humans (including Albert Einstein), which provided him with a deep understanding for how highly accomplished people have found success in their lives.

Love & Belonging Needs

The third level of the Hierarchy of needs is an individual's social need for Love and Belonging. The level can be further broken down into friendship, family and intimacy needs. Once these needs are satisfied, humans feel accepted in groups and society. If a person lacks any of the needs within this level, then the person risks becoming social anxiety, susceptible to loneliness, and depression.

Everyone feels the need to be loved at some point in their lives. Love and belonging needs are below the esteem needs suggesting that the motivation of love helps humans achieve their career aspirations. At FearlessPhilanthropy, however, our program focuses on the basic human needs. Once these needs are satisfied, the individual will have a strong foundation to allow for finding love and belonging.

Esteem Needs

The fourth highest level of the Hierarchy, Esteem, is the need to have recognition and respect for the efforts made throughout a lifetime. Satisfying the esteem needs gives individuals a feeling of acceptance in society when their positive contribution to the greater good is validated by others. When these needs are not met, people feel low self-esteem, inferiority complexes, and general weakness & helplessness amongst their peers.

The esteem needs can be broken down into two levels. The first level is the need of esteem gained from recognition in society, and the higher level is a respect for oneself. The second level is reaching one's own esteem needs through self-respect which helps bring competence, mastery, self-confidence, strength, independence and freedom. At FearlessPhilanthropy we are working to cover the most basic human needs so that people can reach higher levels of satisfaction with their lives. Being able to realize your own potential will help you down a path of recognition, self-respect, and eventually self-actualization.

The Need for Self-Actualization

The need for Self-Actualization is the highest level of the Hierarchy and the pinnacle of each person's potential in life. As Maslow put it, "What a man can be, he must be." Self-Actualization is very specific to the individual. While some may seek to be an ideal parent in life, others pursue careers in a variety of fields such as the arts, sciences, or sports. In order to be able to clearly understand the highest level of the Hierarchy, a person must first achieve the needs of all the levels below. Over the coming years, FearlessPhilanthropy will help get as many people as possible to the highest level of the Hierarchy of Needs. We hope that one day everyone will realize how to reach their full potential and achieve great success in their lifetime.

Eclectic Design for Unique Customizable House

When you are dealing with house decoration, you might want to have unique house design for your house. This can be very important for you to have your house to be more personalized for you. The personalized house can be very effective for you in having your comfort in living. Therefore, you can choose the design for your house, which is suitable for your house, the most. For some people, obeying some common designs of houses is not interesting. They tend to have their own design for their house, which can make their house to be looked like what you want to have. For the answer of the question, you can choose the design for your house to be made in eclectic one. Eclectic design can be done for your house to make it simple and is not depended to a certain house design.

In having eclectic design for your house, you have to consider some things. The most important thing for your eclectic house design is about the furniture and the house designs itself. What the point you want to have for your house? Do you want to emphasis in the beautiful contemporary design of your house? Or do you want to have your house to be dominated with simple, modern design? Those things can be decided when you are choosing the design for your house. To choose the design you want for your house, you can choose the design that is suitable the most with your taste. This can make your house to be more personalized.

The first thing you have to consider when you are choosing eclectic design for your house, you can choose the design for your house to be dominated in one certain design. The design for your house can be the contemporary design. To give your house in contemporary design, you can choose the furniture like classic ones. Wooden sofas and tables can be chosen for your house. Be sure you have chosen the best design for your house to make it not only beautiful, but also durable. Choosing the material for your house can also be suited with your house design. Choose the house design for your house in contemporary design if you want to dominate your house with contemporary design. Get the curves for the designs for the house parts like the windows and doors.

Besides, if you want to have your house in eclectic interior design, you can choose the modern design. Modern design for your house can be chosen for your furniture. The modern furniture can be adapted to your house in simple design for your sofas. Choose the childrens bean bag chairs with simple design made in neutral colours. The colours you can choose for your house furniture can be the grey, brown, beige or any other neutral colours you can choose for them. In making your interior design for your house to be optimized, you can choose the accessories for your house. For example, you can choose the classic paintings with the modern wall clock or any other ornaments for your house. So, are you ready to be different?

How to Design a Small Space to Look Stylishly Attractive

If you have quite limited space at home, you may have given up efforts in making it look catchy and pleasing to the eye. Most people with small house don’t think that their personal crib can be turned into a stylish living space; thinking that they need to hire professional interior designer to achieve such goal. But you can always do the work on your own, if you understand the characteristic of your place and the tricks to solve the problem. Who says looking great comes with great spending? If you are creative enough and you have good artistic skill, you can always deal with the small space to achieve the huge ultimate outcome.

The problem with small space is….well, the limited room. Small space requires clever arrangement and planning in the layout and placement; and that’s the role of the interior designers. They somehow manage to spot on the extra powerful point of the room and focus on it, making the room look bigger and roomier in very simple manner. What you actually need is careful eyes and the understanding of what the room needs. For instance, if you are dealing with small bathroom, consider what you want from the room and what utilities you need. If you are an active person, it is likely that you prefer shower to bathtub, so you don’t need to include the tub.

Moreover, if you understand that you don’t really like keeping loads of stuffs in the bathroom, you may want to include only a corner standing shelf or small wall mounted shelf to keep the important utensils, instead of choosing the big and bulky regular sink and cabinet. In that way, you can get rid of the unnecessary clutter and make the room bigger with minimal arrangement.

There are also other simple tips and tricks that you can do if you want to make your space look bigger and more spacious. And you don’t necessarily have to do expensive remodeling project or do the whole renovation.

The first thing that you can do is to add mirror; it is better if you can come with full-body or big mirror. Placing the mirror will create more spacious effect because it will reflect everything. If you have a small living room, for instance, place a large mirror on a particular spot or wall so it can reflect everything in the most stylish way. Not only it will help making your room look bigger, the whole arrangement is easy, simple, and clean. You don’t need to add anything aside the mirror, so you can really expect a clutter-free arrangement. Some people may add ceiling mirror, but the most effective one is the wall mirror. If you have more to spend, having both the wall and ceiling mirror can create even bigger effect, but it is not much different from having a single mirror placement only. After all, buying a large full-body mirror is quite costly.

Second, you need to consider the colors and patterns. Do you know that darker colors tend to make everything seem smaller? Do you know that bigger patterns are more suitable for bigger rooms because they reduce the over spacious feel? If you have small and limited space, it is better that you choose lighter colors with smaller patterns. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have darker colors; you can still have it but only as accents – not as the main color. Imagine what your small kitchen will look like when you paint it with black and add dark wooden furniture into it. Not only it will look gloomy, but also it will make the kitchen much smaller in perspective.

If you want to turn the already small room into a bigger one, consider painting it in pale or bright hue, such as pale blue or soft pastel purple. Even pastel green or soft pale gray can really make the room more spacious. If you want to add pattern, use small patterns. If you want dots or lines in the room, choose the small and subtle ones. Choosing patterns like the geometric shapes or the animal prints will only create cramped effect; it will ‘fulfill’ the whole empty space with the bold and large shapes and forms. After all, if you fill your whole space with big forms, it will make everything look cheesy and cheap.

Third, consider using multifunctional furniture. Won’t it be nice if you can have furniture that can serve more than one purpose? Imagine how spacious your laundry room will be if your ironing board can be folded up and included into the laundry cabinet. It certainly saves up space when the ironing board isn’t used, and you can still store the important and needed items on the cabinet. Or, don’t you love it when your sofa and tufted ottoman coffee table can actually be used to store items? Multifunctional coffee table and sofas have hidden storage compartment, which can be accessed when the cushion and the slots are opened, hidden from the eyes of guests and visitors. Another cool thing about having the multifunctional furniture is the fact that you won’t have to spend a fortune to get an item that can serve different purposes altogether. Try calculating how much you are going to spend if you have to buy a sofa set with a storage shelf, compared to having a sofa set that can be used as storage compartment.

Fourth, you can consider having walled mounted shelves or cabinets. By combining the arrangement of using such cabinets with all the available nooks, you can actually come up with great arrangement that won’t waste the space. If you have a nook on the corner of the bedroom, for instance, you can use it for wall-mounted wardrobe with mirror. The most common usage of wall mounted shelves or cabinets are in the bathroom, since it is one room that is often designed in small and cramped manner. You can have wall mounted sink and cabinets, so the underneath space can be used to keep other stuffs –or even other cabinets.

How to Make Pickles and Jam for Your Summer

We've got a few outstanding tasty recipes, imagine pickled beets and fairly sweet not to mention exquisite tomato jam that will assist you preserve vegetables and fruit year-round. Learning how to make pickles and also preserve does indeed require a bit more energy compared to purchasing a glass jar of jelly, however it’s a lot more fun. It’s even fascinating in a scientific-research, kitchen-nerd type of method. Even better, you’ll spare on your own from all the preservatives and also ingredients of bundled food products.

With minimal tools, you’ll be consuming toasted bread slathered in pickled strawberry jam very quickly. We certainly have all you need to pickle not to mention preserve from begin to finishing:

1. You’ll have to sterilize your own jars, we using a big 21 quart stock cooking pot created for canning.

2. Prepare up your own jam by using the simple formula of fruits as well as pectin and seasonings. Our favourite pectin to work with is Pomona’s Universal, it's initialized by a sprinkle of calcium natural powder, not sweets, so that you can maintain the jam non-sweetened, extremely juicy fruit is fairly sweet enough by itself.

3. Ball jars are the gold regular for jams, pickles, and also preserves (and their recipe book is best in the area as well).

4. Ensure it is attractive: It was clear that this convenient customized stamp package to tag each one glass jar with the ingredients along with the date that it was manufactured. Tagged jars are simpler to keep because they are good to provide as presents (the customized package actually includes present tags and also twine).

5. Because you'll have high-quality glass jars for preserves and then pickles this summer season, check back the next day we'll be offering traditions Ball jars and then suggesting our favourite tips on how to make use of them.

9 Important Easy-to-do Tips When Your Shoes are Misbehaving

Ladies, be very careful. Shoes that perfectly fit the first time you try them on right on the spot would produce different result when you wear them on regular basis. Materials and construction often turn out to be two biggest culprits of this mess. And sometimes size also plays an important role in making the shoes more uncomfortable for the wearer. Even the most sophisticated pair of shoes may not accommodate a wearer’s feet in terms of width and length.

Basically, there is no easy way to determine if a pair of shoes would not harm the wearer. You can anticipate all of the possible harms by providing oneself with tons of tips and tricks. So, next time, rather than avoiding wearing that pair of uncomfortable shoes you happened to buy from the store some time ago, tweak them with these useful tips. Well, of course you will need to apply a suggestion based on the actual problem you are facing with your shoes.

Problem: Leather straps that are too tight

As one of the most common features found in shoes, leather straps gain their favorable image by providing a wearer with stronger grip. The issue with leather straps is that they tend to be rigor or stern the first time you wear the shoes. This can be a source of imaginable discomfort for the wearer as it might hurt the skin. Normally, leather-based straps stretch along the time you wear the shoes. It wears out, basically speaking. It would then form a rather smooth hold around your feet but it takes time for such straps to be in that condition. You might not have enough time to wait for the straps to wear out. Your feet might have already suffered from too much pain in the process—and that is not healthy. Like, at all. So what is the best move to handle this kind of mishap? Water is the answer. Sprinkle a dash of plain water onto the straps and the moist created from it will help the leather gently wrap around your ankles. But you gotta wear them while they are still wet so that the process of molding should go properly.

Problem: The ungodly blisters

You have them mostly because the friction between your feet’s skin and the sole of the shoes wears the former out. And yes, it can be very difficult to walk with blisters riddling your feet. Use moleskin foam to tweak this hell of a mess. The foam should be placed on the surface of your shoe’s sole so it can work as a padding to buffer your feet from the shoes.

Problem: The pain in the arch

When you wear a new pair of shoes and the middle part of your feet’s sole feels hurt, it is safe to say that that pair was made with less support for that specific area of your feet. Ditch those shoes and spend some time alone to do your homework about brands that do support your feet wholly. Also, wedges are better than skinny heels. Wedges help distribute your body weight more evenly instead of loading most of it on your foot’s ball. But if you can’t live without heels, choose the ones that are less than 3 inches. Now if just about any kind of shoes hurt your feet, maybe it is time to think about wearing orthotics.

Problem: The feet that are always wet

This is the case when you are wearing a pair of shoes that are too small in size for your feet—and along with unbelievable amount of sweat production, come the blisters. There is practically nothing you can do about this other than mourning your mistake. But in the next time, please shop for shoes in the afternoon. At that time, your feet are already tired and thus swollen. This will help you get a better picture about the prefect size for your feet. And even if you think you have had the ones that fit you alright, there is also the problem of materials. So here it goes: patent leather and rubber are for when it’s cold, canvas and natural leather for hot. Socks can help absorb sweats but only if they are made of cotton. Oh, and spritz some baby powder to your feet before wearing shoes. It does wonder.

Problem: Your heels get cut

How is this even possible?—you wonder. Well, simple. The edge of your shoes’ back part digs into your skin. And this is the common issue rising up when you buy and wear a pair that is too big. Spacious is good. Overly, not so much. The feet would go around the compartment of the shoes and this condition makes your heels open for cuts. Use heel pads to protect your feet from this kind of bad luck.

Problem: Calluses

As much as you hate them, calluses happen. Choosing shoes that fit comfortably is a start. But friction takes place and that is the number one reason calluses come alive. Soak your feet. Pumice them. And don’t avoid moisturizer.

Problem: Heels jammed into grassy surface

Attending an outdoor weeding ceremony is a delight indeed. But nightmare materializes when your heels stuck into a soft surface like a grass field. Put on a heel cap on the tip of each of your heels. This would expand that tiny little surface your heels come with. Or better yet, just put on your best-est wedges and dance your way into sink-free party.

Problem: Scratched leather

Leather shoes, especially the patent-type variants, are prone to scratching. As a solution, you can resort to shoe polish. Wash them, polish them, buff them with soft cloth. Do it once a month and your leather should look always new.

Problem: The detached heel

Embarrassment aside, detached heel is a condition that makes you wonder if you can ever buy a pair of heels that are sturdy and last longer. Some are armed with shanks made of metal for the heels to attach themselves to the body of shoes. Some are not. While at the store, try to walk around in them and make sure the heels do not move even slightly.